6" Relaxing Tone Steel Tongue Drum

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Produce high vibrational tones with this Relaxing Tone Steel Tongue Drum

Great for personal meditation, yoga practice, zazen, sound therapy, performances, etc.

High Quality High-grade steel, round shape design with smooth surface, and can produce a variety of tones.

Easy to Play You can play it easily with the included drum mallets or with your hands.

Clear Sound Handcrafted by artisans, it can produce a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound. Applicable to a variety of fields, including music education, mind healing, yoga meditation and so on. 

8 Tone There are a total of 8 sounds in D major, which has a wide range of sounds. Even beginners can play extremely pleasant music.

Purchase Includes:
1 Steel Tongue Drum
2 Drumsticks
2 Finger Covers
1 Carrying Bag
1 Tutorial Book


View for information on benefits and healing properties of Steel Tongue Drum:

 Demonstration courtesy of LionheartSound - YouTube